Monday, December 20, 2010

Wondering Why??

    We have been trying to get our application together for a loan to be able to easier manage adopting Letemeskel. Ohh, by the way, we are adopting the newly found older sister of our Ethiopian born sons.
Part of the process for the loan is to create essays about our reasons of adopting. It has taken weeks and weeks to put this into words. We know in our hearts and our guts why this is our way of life but how to convey this into words is so complicated.
   Scott however is a magical with words and has taken my scribblings, assistance from a different person and his own thoughts and put it into a "testomony". It is so wonderfully written that I wanted to share it.

We find it hard to explain this answer because when we look at the children we have been graced with, we ask ourselves, why would you not adopt any one of these children? The Lord has chosen us to be adopted as His children through Jesus Christ. He has continues to care for us when we experience sorrow or when we do not abide by his will. No matter what we do the Lord has shows us that he will be our father and provider. In Genesis chapter 33 there is a statement in which Jacob says, “These are the children who the lord has blessed me with.”

The Lord had a special hand in each of our adoptions. The stories, each unique, can be explained only by how we followed our Gods path and it led to our children. The suffering of children is all around us and to not take action for these children is something that we cannot do. Adopting is not easy. Our children are old enough now to ask about birth countries and birth families. Answers to these questions and their longing to understand is something we help our children search for on a daily basis. We always tell them that God brought us together and the love we share for one another is a sign of the Grace of God in our daily lives.

Our hearts ache for these “unwanted” children who are left behind. Just typing those words brings us sadness. The ones left in the orphanages or in horrible situations need parents to raise them and show them how wonderful their life can become. James 1:27 (Contemporary English Version) tells us to “help needy orphans and widows and not let this world make you evil.” It is our intention to live the rest of our life on earth in the sprit of James’s words. We will help these children to the best of our God given ability.

Letemeskel was working as a housemaid, slaving daily to make enough money for food. She is only 13 but her future was so dismal. Letemeskel is the “one left behind”.