Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Empowered to Connect update - 5 months

In February Scott and I went to Dallas for a conference called Empowered to Connect. It was amazingly informative and inspiring. We came back with a handful of new techniques to raise our special kids. We saw positive results after only a day or two.
  I can joyfully report that Isaac is on his way to being bonded solidly with us now. His past will always be part of his future however it no longer controls it. He is learning to trust us and become trustworthy. It is a work in progress, as are all children but especially ones with traumatic pasts.
  Examples of the changes
1) He used to give away gifts or toys that we would give him. An Easter or Christmas gift was easily given to a brother when he was upset as it was a sutle way of showing us that he had no attachment to the things we gave him therefore to us.
   No I am happy to report that he is hording all his toys like a normal boy in a large family!!!
2) He wouldn't be still long enough for us to read a book to him or he would intentionally disrupt us when reading to a sibling.  Now it is not uncommon for him to ask for a snuggle or want to start out in mom's bed at night. He rarely ever denies a snuggle request.
3) He doesn't feel the need to sleep in the same room as Levi now. He actually shares a room with with Ethan and feels safe enough to not feel scared without Levi.

 Isaac is still hyper and goofy, immature for his age. He jumps over the back of the couch instead of walking around. He squats on the chairs instead of sitting. He runs through the house squealing like a two year old. He is so much easier to live with now though. We no longer think about a professional respite provider for him. Or plan a babysitter on the days that I work so Scott can manage all 4 boys and the 2 girls at home alone.