Friday, September 23, 2011

A Letemeskel Update

Letemeskel has been attending 8th grade this fall and as expected, it has been quite an experience for her.  After about 1 month of school, she has begun to get the flow of things, however.  This week she auditioned for the school choir and she was accepted.  She is very happy.  Its wonderful to see her starting to adjust to life as an American teenager.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Higher Education

Its a strange month. Haeli, now 20, will start Massage Therapy school this month. Lydia will start Phlebotomy school also. Some how I thought costs would go down but it seems that it was a great time to get a weekend job for me. I can now help them not work as hard as I did in college. Isn't that the goal of a parent to provide a better life for their child. Luckily they both seem appreciative of our finanacial help.

When I look at the bigger picture of this,  Lydia is crawling slowly and surely out of the hell she grew up in. A high school diploma was an achievement for her family so being a professional phlebotomist is truely an achievement.

For Halei, Massage Therapy is right up her alley. The art of Natural Medicine and Chinese Medicine has been her side passion since about middle school. I am glad she will go to school for something she has a passion for.And hopefully free massages when ever she visits!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ethan's Transmorgifier

Ethan has been reading my old Calvin and Hobbes books a lot lately.  Today he made his very own Transmorgifier.  Its awesome!

Zach and Ethan with his transmorgifier.

This is the transmorgifier arrow that selects what you transmorgify into after you press the button (see below):

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