Our Russian Adoption Story

As we began to consider adopting a child, we initially were interested in Azerbaijan, but the process for that country fell apart, so we found a child in Russia who spoke to us:

After a multitude of paperwork, photocopies, signatures, and notaries, Susan flew to Russia to see Rustam (who would later be changed to Zachary) and another child.  However when seeing the other child, an older girl, something didn't feel right, so we declined to adopt her.  She inquired about other children when she was their and their was one child who we were told was available, but was really sick:

After spending time with Kamil (later we learned his actual name was Kamilichik), Susan knew he was meant for our family.

On December 10th, 2003, our 3rd wedding anniversary, we attended a Russian court and officially adopted Rustam (now Zachary) and Kamil (now Ethan) into our family.  Here a few pictures from the first month or two...

Susan with both Boys
Ethan standing up

Zach bewildered by the Snow

Talking the dogs and kids for a walk

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