Our Ethiopian Adoption Story

During the late fall of 2009, a friend of Susan's shared the news of two boys in a "care center" aka an orphanage in Ethiopia that could use a home.  They were brothers.

Mulat (Isaac)

Rewina (Levi)

Care Center, Mekele, Ethiopia
After a few weeks of praying about the thought of adding two more children into our home, we decided to go for it.  It went quickly.  From the start to the finish of the adoption process was only about 6 months.

We brought Rewina and Mulat to America in April of 2010.  For the next several months, we learned a lot about adoption non-English language speaking older children...needless to say it was challenging.

While learning more about each other, both boys talked about their older sister, Letemeskel.

We thought about how we could help her...could we adopt her?  How could we afford it?  Before thinking about how to pay for it, we asked some people to find out if we could adopt her, and bring her to America, and we found that it would be a possibility...she would come to America as a 13 year old teenage girl.  After more thought and prayer, we decided to go for it.

Along the way, lifesong for orphans, showhope, and a local church all helped us finance our journey back to Ethiopia.

After 1 year of having the boys in our home, we brought Letemeskel to America.

The family reunion at the Tulsa airport.

Letemeskel on Easter Sunday, 2011

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