Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes life throws a curve ball

Ok, so Scott and I have had our share of curve balls. We throw some of them ourselves from time to time, just to keep our life interesting.
 Miss Lydia, the one with kidney failure, has continued to seperate from our family. We love her, she loves us but there are some inner issues that she just can't shake. RAD, trama history, drugs, learning disability who knows what the cause to be.
  Most teens seperate a bit when they are in late teens. They grow and want more independence and less parental intervention. Rarely does an 18 year old have the true weight of their life placed upon them making good choices. She was to be a normal teen I suppose. Normal in respect to the life she grew up in. Unfortunatly we, as a family, came to a point where she could no longer live within our boundries and values. So she made the decision to move back to MN where her birth family is from. The place in which she grew up in.
   We miss her laughter and pray that she heals and will welcome her back when the time comes. 

New Year

Gosh, I felt like I needed to write something. It is toward the end of January and we totally missed posting about our Christmas adventures. Actually it was quiet and normal. This has not been the case for the last year or so. This was a nice treat. We woke in the morning, to early as one would expect with younger children. We opened gifts and every child who was sitting by the tree adored their gifts. It wasn't even that they got completely what they asked for but they appreciated the gift that was given.

                                                               This is what Santa left.

                                                        Always happy faces

                                                        Showing off new soft bathrobes